Banknotes of the modern world
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Oman, 100 baisa
Oman, 100 baisa 1995 Oman, 100 baisa 1995
Oman, 1/2 riyal Oman, 1/2 riyal Oman, 1/2 riyal Oman, 1/2 riyal

The indian rupee and Maria Theresia taler were the legal tenders in Oman for more than a hundred years. In 1959 the Reserve Bank of India issued a special currency unit - persian gulf rupee for the arabian countries. In 1970 the Saidi riyal was introduced in Oman and it was tied to the Uk pound. In 1974 the Saidi riyal was replaced by Omani riyal. 1 riyal equals 1000 baisa.

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