Banknotes of the modern world
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Bulgaria, 1 lev Bulgaria, 1 lev Bulgaria, 2 leva Bulgaria, 2 leva
Bulgaria, 5 leva Bulgaria, 5 leva Bulgaria, 10 leva Bulgaria, 10 leva
Bulgaria, 20 leva Bulgaria, 20 leva Bulgaria, 50 leva Bulgaria, 50 leva

Lev started it's history in 1880 when an independent Bulgarian state appeared. In 1947 there was a post-war monetary reform, new leva banknotes were exchanged at 1:1 ratio, new reform took place in 1952 (1:100), and another one in 1962 (1:10). After a period of inflation in 1990ies, new lev, tied to the german mark, was introduced. Upon the introduction of the euro, lev's exchange rate was tied to the euro.

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